Forty years of tradition, Umeå Guide Association hosts for the Vaasa-Korsholms guides. Other Advent weekend visited nineteen guides from Vaasa Mustasaari Umeå Guide Association. We have met every two years since Umeå Guide Association was formed in 1973. However, it is five years since they last visited Umeå Guide Association when the ferry was canceled precisely on the days planned last year. Arts Campus, especially the Institute of Design, taught by one of the students in the current guide training, department head at the Institute of Design Alakörkkö. The fourteen guide students also attended the showing of coffee at the residence in the presence of Governor Magdalena Andersson. This was followed by visits to Gammlia Christmas markets and traditional Christmas party at Culture Cafe Pilgatan. Before the guests were guided in bus around the new Umeå to the ferry by authorized guide Eva Sigurdh were informed at the tourist office of the Capital of Culture year by two other authorized guides, also the directors of Umeå Guide Association, Kaarina Honkanen and Valter Linghult. In two years go Umeå Guide Association to Vaasa with new ferry.

Birgitta Bäckström, secretary Umeå Guide Association