On the 6th of June, a cruise ship from Scotland to Holmsund. Five guides from the Association guided 350 expectant guests to Gamlia and Umeå Centre, the Sculpture Park with arboretum, Olofsfors and Elk House. In beautiful weather turned Vasterbotten from its most beautiful side. Blue and yellow flags greeted the visitors welcome. Satisfied guests could be in the afternoon to return to the ship to continue traveling north.

On the day of Pentecost were visits in Nybyggarmuseet in Pengsjö, motor museum in Vännäs, the two churches in Vännäs and Vännäsby the conclusion to Slöjdarnas House. This is part of the training we guides are continuously undergoing. The study visits were interesting and rewarding. The participation was very pleased with the day.

The association has designed a separate booklet, which will be distributed to sponsors and companies in Umeå. All guides have received an order to submit to the interested.