Hello everyone and guide friends!

Our national day we are visited by a kryssningsfartyg, which is sponsored by the National Trust for Scotland with 350 passengers. Our Guide Association will guide excursions to Olofsfors, Elk House, Arboretum and Sculpture Park and Gammlia and town. An important guidance as we hope they will return here after this first visit.

The 7/6 is the first day for us guides to record us for the sponsored city walks, which start June 20 from the Tourist Office at 16.00.

In Swedish: East of town on Mondays and Fridays, the West of town on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

In English: Wednesdays and Sundays

In German: Thursday 28/6 – 19/8 at 17:00

Bicycle tours: Thursdays 9/6, 16/6, 30/6, 18/8, 25/8, and Tuesday 14/6. Home bfrån quay at the boats.

On Soldier crofts has Ann Sigfridsson and Birgitta Bäckström with slide guided and told us about places to visit in the Ume River Valley for members of Umbygda Hembygdsförening – much appreciated.

If you want to tell us about an event or a nice guided tour, please contact me

Have a nice guide this summer.