Umeå Guide Association and the Vasa-Korsholm guides have for many years been visiting
each other every two years. It is now five years since the last Vasa guide the visit in Umeå since last year’s planning came to nothing for the ferry did not go. Nineteen Finnish colleagues expected the weekend 7-9 / 12th
The planning includes visits to the artistic campus along
with the current guide price, tour and coffee at the residence as well
Gammlia Christmas market and the Christmas party at the cafe culture Pilgatan. Before the ferry going back
on Sunday our guests information about the Capital of Culture 2014 and a guided
bus tour. In two years we are going to return visit to the Vasa. Umeå Guide Association now has twelve
active members, then we should be twice the number of authorized guides.

Birgitta Bäckström, Secretary, Umeå Guide Association