About 2 hours

Experience Umeå on a bike - make a leisurely bike ride to the top of Umeå's cultural and historical attractions. We tailor to your needs. You can also choose themed t. Ex. The war of 1808-09 or Rafting and industry.

Free Cycling tours in 2015:

Bicycling tours to Röbäck 17/6-29/7 wednesdays kl.18:00.

Gathering at Hamnmagasinet, Western Strandgatan 4.

We thank this summer's sponsors:
Visit Umeå, Scherdins properties, Balticgruppen, Närlingslivsservice, Handelsbanken, Umeå Municipality - Streets & Parks, NLC, Clarion Hotel Uman, SCA, Lerstenen and Jonair Business Flights.