tallbergsbroarna 2

1/2 or full day excursion

We visit: Ecclesiastical Museum, Tallberg Bridges, Nyåker, Olofsfors Ironworks, ev. lunch at Olofsfors mansion, Nordahl statue in Hörnefors, if necessary. Nordahl Museum, Nordmalings medieval church, Klas Engman Museum, Håknäsbacken

This rich and varied journey extends about 150 km and runs from the unique mill environment in Olofsfors to villages believed to have Viking origins. On the high slopes, we see fine old farms with farmland that stretches beneath the drained marshes.

Maybe you remember bungyjumpet of Gevalia advertising, Unexpected visit - Tallberg bridges accounted for the dizzying height in the jump over beautiful Öreälven we visit. We taste Nyåkers gingerbread cookies while we listen to brohistorien.

Hear the fascinating story of immigrants Jennings and Finlay became storm rich in business during the 1700s. In their extensive activities included the Olofsfors and Rober Fors Mill.

A true inspiration to travel for aspiring entrepreneurs!