Umeå’s Official Guide Association is looking forward to be able to show all visitors – both Swedish and foreign, large or small groups and individual travelers the beautiful Umeå – City of Birches.

Umeå, one of Sweden’s fastest growing cities, is filled with art, theater, outdoor activities and history. We want UmeGuider happy to share with you.

We guide you all year round in several languages, including Swedish, English, German, Finnish, Meänkieli, French and Spanish. A tour is a great way to get to know ”Birch City” and its 400-year history. We also offer shorter or longer tours around Umeå and the rest of Västerbotten.

The best way to get as much as possible of the individual attractions or a round trip is to book a UmeGuide for a few hours, a day or more.

We look forward to your visit, once again welcome! Book your guide here.

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