According to a forty-year tradition visited the guides from Umeå colleagues in Vaasa.

First Advent weekend 2013 visited nine authorized tourist guides from Umeå Guide Association colleagues in Vaasa. We have met every two years since Umeå Guide Association was formed in 1973. We were warmly welcomed by the ferry ride, which was clearly better than in the past with the new ferry. On Saturday, we were guided in CA Setter’s Holy Trinity Churchin the English Gothic style from 1869. The church can hold 900 people and has three interesting altarpieces, Albert Edelfelt Adoration of the Shepherds, RW Ekman, First Communion and Louis Sparre Jesus’ entombment. Guided made ​​Margit Sell Berg, Chairman. In the crypt served since rice pudding and ham cooked in the Vasaa-Korsholms guides. The association has nearly fifty members. Umeå Guide Association has, for the past and guide the program last school year, twenty-three authorized active tourist guides.

In the afternoon, we were guided on Tikanoja where President castle’s art treasures now displayed because the castle renovated. In the evening there was little Christmas party, vasa guides had made ​​a rich Christmas dinner. Umeguidernahanded Västerbotten and Berghems flatbread to its numerous hosts. Games, contests, singing and raffle were part of the nice party.
Vaasa The guides would of course come up visit during the Capital of Culture year. Early Sunday morning ferry went back.Next year will be the return visit in Umeå.

Birgitta Bäckström, secretary Umeå Guide Association