Good day! I am one of the participants in the current program guide. We are a beautiful, well-mixed bunch.We are different in ages, professional roles and interests of a few. The training is ongoing especially Tuesday evenings where we meet, drink coffee, talk and discuss but of course we are deepening ourselves in Umeå in many different aspects. So far, we have had several different elements. How about a piece taste of KH2014: how is it in the process, where are we and where do we want? We have also had guest Marianne People’s Daughter (says curator Västerbotten Museum), where the importance of telling a story emphasized. We have been on study visits Norrland University Hospital and Medical History Museum and taking note of developments in health care. That in itself is quite incredible! Tonight it’s off to the regiment. In a few weeks we shall to the Arts Campus for living us into the world. You can imagine that I appreciate this mix!

History is not only the city fire in 1888, but also kings, industrial development, the military, etc. There are many other things that develop and create a city. I’m very happy that I can learn from history and to get a deeper understanding of what might happen tomorrow. My plan is to stay in Umeå my whole life (I am 80-baby boom so many ears, this sounds certainly very sad hehe) but that is precisely what makes me extra interested. I want to learn more!

Tinna Jonsson