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I am training myself to Guide

Good day! I am one of the participants in the current program guide. We are a beautiful, well-mixed bunch.We are different in ages, professional roles and interests of a few. The training is ongoing especially Tuesday evenings where we meet, drink coffee, talk and discuss but of course we are deepening ourselves in Umeå in many different aspects. So far, we have had several different elements. How about a piece taste of KH2014: how is it in the process, where are we and where do we want? We have also had guest Marianne People’s Daughter (says curator Västerbotten Museum), where the importance of telling a story emphasized. We have been on study visits Norrland University Hospital and Medical History Museum and taking note of developments in health care. That in itself is quite incredible! Tonight it’s off to the regiment. In a few weeks we shall to the Arts Campus for living us into the world. You can imagine that I appreciate this mix!

History is not only the city fire in 1888, but also kings, industrial development, the military, etc. There are many other things that develop and create a city. I’m very happy that I can learn from history and to get a deeper understanding of what might happen tomorrow. My plan is to stay in Umeå my whole life (I am 80-baby boom so many ears, this sounds certainly very sad hehe) but that is precisely what makes me extra interested. I want to learn more!

Tinna Jonsson

What makes the city grow?

Today I guided a group of Estonian entrepreneurs on a tour of central Umeå. Perfect weather with bright sunshine and no wind. Umeå showed itself from its best side. The group had many questions and wondered especially about how a king could motivate people to live in a city that did not exist before. However, simply laid out the blocks on an empty field and said, Now this is a city. They also wondered how Umeå managed to grow so rapidly recently. What were / are correct? It is exactly these kinds of issues we guides love to answer. How does the story together with what we see here today? What was it that made that a city could grow up here and become what it is today? Exciting huh!

Lena Söderlind Pettersson,
authorized guide

Culture Carriers overall

When I went home from the Guide meeting in Stockholm, I was very happy, filled with culture, mediated by knowledgeable Stockholm guides. The same day it was in DN’s cultural annex, a two-page article entitled ”Loved culture representative.Without her stay Culture-Sweden ”. In the article presented to the familiar statistics – ie it is the women who carry the culture.Eg of Dramatic visitors are 72% women, Moderna Museet 63%, 70% of Dance House, State Theatre in Stockholm, 69% etc.This we have known a long time. This is largely a Nordic phenomenon. In Germany and France, ”men have not abdicated culture at all on the way here,” said the Director General of the Arts Council Kennet Johansson in the same article.

Guides if any are also bearers of culture. They must be able to history, architecture, future plans, be art connoisseur, able to debate – and to language course! At the meeting, it was mostly women and a few men. Why? No one knows. But it’s been a long time, I was told. It was nice and fun to be with at the meeting, to be one of these culture bearers.

But why is it called cultural aunt? Why not culture ladies or culture ladies? In the past year there have been several books about the ladies. You see ladies as something very positive and desirable. Merete Mazzrella wrote in 1994 book ”Lady and the crocodile,” where she described Aunt energy in a warm and humorous way. And research is in Aunt theme at Umeå University, Aunt research. In Umeå even played ”Aunt Theatre”.

But mom you do not want yourself to be. Not now – right? I would not use the word culture representative.
Culture Aunts we do not want to be – let’s be culture ladies – or culture ladies – or just a bearer of culture! What do you think?

Kaarina Honkanen

Cruise ship visit

On the 6th of June, a cruise ship from Scotland to Holmsund. Five guides from the Association guided 350 expectant guests to Gamlia and Umeå Centre, the Sculpture Park with arboretum, Olofsfors and Elk House. In beautiful weather turned Vasterbotten from its most beautiful side. Blue and yellow flags greeted the visitors welcome. Satisfied guests could be in the afternoon to return to the ship to continue traveling north.

On the day of Pentecost were visits in Nybyggarmuseet in Pengsjö, motor museum in Vännäs, the two churches in Vännäs and Vännäsby the conclusion to Slöjdarnas House. This is part of the training we guides are continuously undergoing. The study visits were interesting and rewarding. The participation was very pleased with the day.

The association has designed a separate booklet, which will be distributed to sponsors and companies in Umeå. All guides have received an order to submit to the interested.


Hello everyone and guide friends!

Our national day we are visited by a kryssningsfartyg, which is sponsored by the National Trust for Scotland with 350 passengers. Our Guide Association will guide excursions to Olofsfors, Elk House, Arboretum and Sculpture Park and Gammlia and town. An important guidance as we hope they will return here after this first visit.

The 7/6 is the first day for us guides to record us for the sponsored city walks, which start June 20 from the Tourist Office at 16.00.

In Swedish: East of town on Mondays and Fridays, the West of town on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

In English: Wednesdays and Sundays

In German: Thursday 28/6 – 19/8 at 17:00

Bicycle tours: Thursdays 9/6, 16/6, 30/6, 18/8, 25/8, and Tuesday 14/6. Home bfrån quay at the boats.

On Soldier crofts has Ann Sigfridsson and Birgitta Bäckström with slide guided and told us about places to visit in the Ume River Valley for members of Umbygda Hembygdsförening – much appreciated.

If you want to tell us about an event or a nice guided tour, please contact me

Have a nice guide this summer.


City tour

Friday, 11 Feb walked two of Umeå Guide Association guides a city tour with 50 students and teachers from Central Europe – the participants in a Comenius project. It was a glorious sunny winter and among others Snöborgen and go sliding on the dragon was appreciated by the participants, who also had knowledge of Umeå and the city’s history.


Umeå Guideföreningm have had its annual meeting in Umeå Tourist Office. New Chairman Ann Sigfridsson. Lena Söderlind Pettersson became the new member of the Board. It was a well-attended annual meeting, which ended in a pleasant atmosphere with light refreshments. The outgoing Chairman, Lars Flodström was thanked with flowers. Lars will remain as Vice Chairman. Cashier will be Thomas Schlott.

The association made 8 Febr a study on IKSU where a dozen guides were shown around and were informed about the great facility of Ola Wiklund. Tom Pietele sports medicine showed a lab with impressive technology. Then informed Eva Olofsson on idrottspedagogikens start and development of the University and the sport science program. A very professional and interesting completed study visits. A warm thank you to the three speakers.

The Board is currently working on programs to international guide on the day of 21 February, when Umeå Guide Association disposes Glass House on Town Hall Square. It will include mini-tours, quizzes and slideshows.

”Raiders” in the sponsors for the summer tours of the city is in full swing. It depends on the number of sponsors how many weeks we can have the free city walks for the summer.


Sign On Sunday, first Sunday of Advent, was for years a sunny and cold winter. Umeguiderna served appropriately mulled wine and gingerbread at the Tourist Office. Many visitors looked in and warmed themself.